music 9Danny trained as a classical violinist and composer, and in further education, he studied drama, film and philosophy. In his creative working life, he is a filmmaker of cinema-released feature productions, and in academia, he is an audiovisual phenomenologist. He has a varied career as a writer, director, sound designer and composer for cinema; a film university lecturer, and an author of books. His PhD is a phenomenology of sonority.

Email: info@dannyhahn.com    Tel: 079 2957 4791    Facebook: www.facebook.com/hahn.danny

On Audiovisual Counterpoint and the Search for Asynchronism

On Audiovisual Counterpoint and the Search for AsynchronismNotes from recent lectures with Danny Hahn (No. 3.) Film image and sound travelling independently, almost asynchronously, it would seem, invite artistic possibilities[*]. Is it perhaps not true, that without an audio-visual counterpoint, sound runs the risk of mimetic decadence (excessive synchronisation or ‘information-overload’), propagating meaningless enhancements, rather than significant transformations [more]

On Primeval Cinema and Epochal Developments

On Primeval Cinema and Epochal DevelopmentsNotes from recent lectures with Danny Hahn (No. 2.) While most other arts move in epochal tidal waves, cinema is measured rather by ripples of artistic movement. Characteristically, eras end with a great and influential artist - paving the way for the next generation. In music, the Baroque ended with Bach, who [more]

UAL (LCC) Lectures and Workshops with Danny Hahn

UAL (LCC) Lectures and Workshops with Danny HahnFilm Music Workshop - Monday 11th November 2013 at The London College of Communication Explore the transformations of film image through the language of music. Using traditional classical composition methods and contemporary synthesised processes, we can bridge the gap between subtle music leitmotiv, and musical sound design. “Music shouldn’t enhance an image, it [more]

Berlinale Talent Campus

Berlinale Talent CampusAnnual summit for the Berlin International Film Festival. The 10th talent campus welcomes Danny to Berlin's freezing february line up of lectures, retrospectives, workshops and gala dinners: Mike Leigh at the British Embassy, Keanu Reeves, Werner Herzog and Andie MacDowell in the lecture theatres, and Danny will also study with legendary Japanese film [more]

Field Recording and Foley Workshop

Field Recording and Foley WorkshopNotes from recent lectures with Danny Hahn (No. 1.) A movie without pictures: evoking images in your head. "Create your own story". Each track tries to put a character in a particular setting without the need for visuals. (Sound design by Danny Hahn - recorded in various locations and in the Foley [more]